Beauty Treatments

Dermalogica® Facials

Treatment Description Price

20-minute Skin Fitness Plan
powered by Face Mapping®

Your skin is unique, let’s treat it that way! Discover how to achieve your best skin ever with your complimentary skin fitness plan.


15-minute SkinSolver®

Fix skin concerns fast with our 10-minute express seated treatment. Let your skin therapist show you professional hacks to get you healthy skin that glows. Ideal if you need a skin boost or before a special event.


45-minute ProSkin 30

Our customised treatment, on your time! Targeting your key skin concern for maximum impact in minimum time, this treatment is a firm favourite with those who have just 30 minutes, want visible results and great value.


75-minute ProSkin 60

The ultimate treatment, different every time. Customised with advanced products, techniques and technology in a soothing environment made for relaxation. The ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive experience to address all skin concerns and achieve healthy glowing skin.


45 minute Pro Power Peel 30

Looking for a professional peel experience?

Our all-new Pro Power Peel redefines the peel experience. Our strongest and fastest peel yet, the Pro Power Peel collection features a full suite of peel products, including Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs). In this express 30-minute treatment, your skin therapist will create a customised peel to instantly rejuvenate and refresh your skin. With a unique system of three different acids for a deep exfoliation personalised to you, it is ideal to target lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts. Includes a FREE post peel kit.


75 minute Pro Power Peel 60

Want to experience a truly transformative treatment?
This effective and customised 60-minute treatment combines the benefits of our Pro Power Peel 30 treatment with additional advanced techniques and technologies. Peel results are dramatically enhanced by a supplementary deep treatment process incorporating powerful IonActive Serum™, a customised masque and relaxing massage to ensure your skin is left clear, smooth and glowing. You’ve never had a peel treatment like this before. Includes a FREE post peel kit.



Treatment Description Price
60-75 minutes Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of vellus hair. It has been used for many years and has recently become popular as a celebrity must-have treatment. Dermaplaning not only removes vellus hair but is a simple physical exfoliation of the epidermis which allows products to penetrate more readily into the deeper layers of the skin. This treatment will use Dermalogica products to suit the skins needs and will include a complimentary Mask at the end of the treatment to hydrate, nourish and revitalise the skin. £60.00

Body and Holistic Therapies

Swedish Massage

A Traditional Swedish Massage that aids relaxation, increases circulation and relieves muscle tension.

Treatment Price
Full Body 60 Minute treatment £55.00
Back, Neck & Shoulder 30 minute treatment £38.00

Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi Ear Candles are hollow tubes made of cotton, soaked in beeswax, honey and herbs. When lit, the candle acts like a chimney, causing the warm air inside it to rise and creating a vacuum at the bottom. This vacuum gently stimulates the ear, facilitating the removal of excess wax and impurities.

The procedure is repeated with the other ear, and then the patient lies on his/her back for gentle drainage massage on the face.

Treatment Price
45 Minute treatment £43.00

Hydrotherm Massage*

Experience a complete body massage whilst floating on two warm water cushions allowing your body to be supported in perfect spinal alignment. Perfect during pregnancy or for those undergoing treatment or in recovery from Cancer.

Treatment Price
Signature 90 minutes £82.00
Full Body 60 minutes £62.00
Back 30 minutes £42.00

* This treatment is available during November – March

Shimmering Body Ritual

This unforgettable ritual opens with a nourishing scrub to exfoliate and feed the skin using a powerhouse of nutrients. After bringing new life to the skin and senses, the ritual ends with a back massage that focuses on releasing underlying stress in tight muscles.

Treatment Price
60-minute treatment:

  • Exfoliation
  • Warm mitt experience
  • Back massage


Using Salon Professional Mii Make-up

Mii has a wide range of products to suit all skin types and gives you the confidence to create a look that is uniquely, completely, unmistakably you.

Treatment Description Price
Wedding Make-up for the Bride Including a rehearsal £POA
Additional Make- up for the Bridal Party (bridesmaids, mother of the bride/groom) £POA
Rehearsal for the wedding party or occasions £POA
Prom & Occasion Make-up from £35.00

Please note all makeup trials will be held at the salon, but if required I am happy to travel to another location for weddings/events, there will be a travel fee added, please enquire.


Threading is an original Indian method of hair removal; a twisted thread is used to remove hair. Threading achieves a precise natural look. Ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Treatment Price
Brows £13.00
Upper Lip £9.00
Chin £11.00
Face (sides) £6.00
Upper Lip, Chin & Brows £30.00
All Of The Above £35.00

Eyes and Brows

Treatment Description Price
Brow by Mii For every arch, every smile and even the occasional furrow, reveal the true beauty of each expression with Brow’s tailored perfectly to you. Brow by Mii’s professional treatment will frame your features to their best advantage; highlighting your natural beauty and personality too. £26.00
Brow by Mii Maintenance £20.00
Brow Tinting £10.00
Eyelash Tinting £18.00
Eyebrow, Eyelash Tint and Shape Tinting can last roughly 6 weeks, tinting is a great way of enhancing your natural beauty, and great for holidays. £26.00
Lash Lift £48.00
Lash Extensions – 2 hr full set Eyelash Extensions are a great way to Fuller, thicker, longer lashes and enhance your natural beauty with Lash FX Individual Eyelash Extensions. Last approximately 2 weeks. 90min- 120min appointment (discussed in consultation) £67.00
Eyelash Extensions – Top up Maintenance 2-4 weeks, 45min-80min appointment £36.00-£46.00
Mii Strip Eye Lashes Includes free application £10.00


Strip Wax

Treatment Description Price
Post Depilation Concentrate – 200ml Spray Use after wax treatment. Works to moderate re-growth, reduce the quality and quantity of hair. Your first wax will be free when purchasing this concentrate (excludes Brazilian & Hollywood wax but includes 15% discount) £33.50
Full Leg £28.00
Half Leg £24.00
Brows £10.00
Forearm £12.00
Back (men) from £22.00
Chest (men) from £22.00

Lycon Wax

In addition to our strip wax, we now use Lycon professional Hot Wax!


Lycon offers customers a 50% reduction in sensation making this a more comfortable waxing experience.No more growing for weeks on end, Lycon can get hairs a small as 1mm!

Reduces and prevents in growing hairs.The most hygienic wax system on the market

Treatment Price
Brows £14.00
Lip £10.00
Nostrils £6.00
Chin £12.00
Lip & Chin £18.00
Underarm £15.00
Bikini £24.00
G-string £28.00
Brazilian £36.00
Hollywood £39.00

Post-Depolation Concentrate (available on all waxing)

This after-wax treatment works to moderate hair re-growth, reducing the quantity and quality of the hair, and help reduce the problem of in-growing hairs and make waxing less painful.

£33.50 Includes a 200ml spray to be used twice daily in between waxes, your first wax will be free of charge when purchasing this concentrate.

Spray Tanning

A brand new professional-only tanning range enriched with marine mineral extracts. Kissed by Mii not only offers you a flawless, conditioning tan but a tailored and comfortable service. The range includes a complete spray tan system and a  full retail collection.

Treatment Description Price
Kissed by Mii Spray Tan – Develops in 4-6 hours Full body

Legs only



Kissed by Mii Express Spray Tan – Develops in 1-3 hours Full body

Legs only



Hands and Feet

Treatment Description Price
Acrylic Nails Full Set £46.00
Acrylic Infills £34.00
Acrylic Removal £10.00
OPI Powder Perfection £35.00
OPI Powder Perfection Removal £8.00
Nail Tidy & Treatment £18.00
File and Polish £26.00
Manicure £35.00
Nail Repairs Art/Gems 50p (per nail)
The Perfect Pedicure This 60-minute treatment includes a soak and scrub, cuticle work with trim and file, and OPI infinite shine polish and finishing cream. £40.00
Callus Peel Pedicure Callus Peel is a luxury, spa foot treatment that removes hard, callused skin leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised. This treatment includes all of the above of the Paradise Pedicure but with the callus mask instead of OPI mask. £41.00
Gel Polish Application £33.00
Junior Nail Technician Gel Polish Application £25.00
Gel Polish Removal £7.00
Add Chrome Full Set +£4.00

Ear Piercing

Treatment Price
Ear Piercing From £25.00